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Choosing a Trainer

Experience. It is recommended by professional fitness organizations that you select someone who has experience in the areas that you want to change about yourself. For example, if it's weight loss you're after, find someone who specializes in weight loss.
Certification. Does he/she have professional certification? This shows that his/her knowledge is up to the standards of the industry.
Insurance. Does this person carry liability insurance? If not, it is a good possibility that they don't take their business or their training seriously.
Business License. No business license? Again, it is possible that this trainer is not serious about his work.
Education. Most professional fitness organizations recommend a bachelor degree in a health related field. A master degree may show even more devotion to the field.
Cost. In most cases you get what you pay for. The best trainers usually charge higher rates because they can.
Evaluation. Your trainer should give you an evaluation before anything. In addition, they should ask you about your health history to best design your program. Evaluate the trainer - How does he/she work? Does this fit your expectations?