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Daily Tips for Performance Training

1. Determine the needs for your sport: speed, flexibility, agility, balance, power, quickness. What does your sport need most? Next, select exercises that develop every aspect. Don't over train one component and neglect another.
2. Train consistently. Daily training (at least four (4) days for sports performance) is best? Long layoffs (3-4 days) will hinder progress. Remember it is important to take days off…just not too many.
3. Train Smart. Do not spend too much time and energy training on any specific body part or muscle category. For example: don't spend too much time on the bench press while neglecting speed training. Don't group your workouts by muscle group…instead by group function.
4. Vary your intensity and volume of work. You get the best results when you train at least four (4) days a week reserving only a few of those days for hard training. If you do decide to train hard all four days, it is smart to train easy the following week.
5. Perform specific exercises first and general exercises second. Train the big muscle groups that are specific to your sport. For example, power clean. Perform isolation exercises such as bicep curls later in the workout.
6. Eat. For best sports performance, the athlete must eat at least five (5) moderately sized meals a day. Each meal should contain a protein, a fiber (fruit or veggie) and a starch (grain based) plus H20.
7. Recover. Rest is just as important to progress as training. Rest allows you to get stronger. When you recover, you adapt to the stresses that you placed on your system during training. Rest helps your body repair and build muscle so you are ready to train again.